SheDrives NFI

SheDrives NFI is a community that aims to empower women while amplifying their voices in the Trucking Industry.

Our commitment to SheDrives NFI

We recognize that women have historically been underrepresented in the Trucking industry, and we are committed to changing that narrative. Through our SheDrives NFI initiative, we are working to provide more opportunities for women to excel in every aspect of their careers. Our top priority is to amplify the voices of women within our trucking community and offer them a secure career in the industry.

The SheDrives NFI journey

Support Resources

We understand the resources our women drivers need. This is why we make sure all new employees are equipped with all available resources to our benefits and are welcome to join our private SheDrives NFI Facebook Community page.

SheDrives NFI on RoadDog Trucking

Tune in to RoadDog Trucking Radio on Sirius XM for our SheDrives NFI segment. This liberating segment highlights our women in trucking, from leadership to drivers. We share our trailblazing initiatives to make the road a safer place for women drivers, share our women driver experiences, and empower women to conquer challenges on and off the road. 
Don’t miss our new segments by setting your reminders for announcements on our Facebook page @DriversofNFI.

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