Grow With Us

We're committed to creating a supportive environment where our employees can explore new opportunities, develop their skills, and advance their careers.
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Transport your career to the next level

We understand that career aspirations evolve, and we're dedicated to helping our employees achieve their professional goals within the organization. At NFI, you can gain new experiences, take on greater responsibilities, or even transition between departments to broaden your skill set. We provide the pathways and support for our team members to drive their own careers.

How we view growth

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Forget the ladder, opt for alternative paths to success

Career growth extends beyond promotions. Embrace opportunities that bring you closer to your career goals. Whether you’re looking to stay within your department or want to grow outside of your division, NFI supports you in your career journey.
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Expand your skillset

Gain skills beyond your current role by participating in formal training programs, self-directed learning, or on-the-job experiences. Challenge yourself beyond your comfort zone, pushing boundaries through hands-on learning. We believe that growth opportunities arise from mistakes and are grounded in the idea of learning through experience.
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Collaborate cross-functionally

Gain exposure to different areas of the organization and work collaboratively across departments. Attain a broader understanding of how the organization functions as a whole to enhance your decision-making skills and become a more well-rounded professional.

Thrive in any environment

Need a change of scenery? NFI offers just that to employees looking for more.

Unleashing potential, together

Pursue professional development

At NFI, professional development is personal. We provide opportunities with live classroom events, live virtual events, online LinkedIn Learning, and NFI-hosted podcasts to help each employee take ownership of their own professional development, regardless of what stage they are in. 
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Featured Program:
The Leadership Experience

This two-day immersive experience is designed to teach leaders to develop people by identifying each employee's development level and providing coaching, tools, and growth opportunities. Our goal is to equip our people leaders to be the best they can be by creating a culture of continuous learning and development.

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