Virtual Interviews

How To Prepare For Your Virtual Interview

NFI is closely monitoring the Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19) to ensure that we can continue to promote candidate and employee safety. To provide a safe environment throughout our recruiting process, our default process for most on-site interviews will be held virtually via Google Hangout. Below you’ll find some information to help with your virtual interview. 

Prior to your virtual interview:

  • Respond to your NFI Recruiter to confirm the date and time.
  • Visit to download the appropriate app for your selected device.
    • Please note, you may be required to create a Gmail account to activate.
    • You can also visit Google Hangout for full instructions on how to use the video conferencing tool.
  • Be sure to test Google Hangout on your computer or phone prior to your meeting to ensure it is working correctly on your device.
  • Your NFI Recruiter will send a Google Hangout link prior to your interview.  
  • If you are unable to access a virtual interview via Google Hangout, please discuss with your NFI Recruiter so other accommodations may be made.

On the day of your interview:

  • Be sure to set up in well-lit and quiet environment that is free of distractions. While Google Hangout allows for use on a smart phone, it is recommended to use a computer whenever possible. 
    • Given the global shift to work from home and other areas of personal life being impacted, we are aware that many candidates may have unique circumstances (kids, pets, family members, etc.) in work areas. Our interview teams are understanding of these situations as we are all in this together.
  • Test your internet connection and device(s) to ensure they are working properly.
    • Confirm that your webcam works properly. If you don’t have a headset, be prepared to mute your microphone when you aren’t talking.
    • If you are using a laptop, cellphone, or tablet, fully charge your device prior to the interview. Using your phone for the audio portion and your laptop/tablet for the visual portion creates the most stable experience.


  • If you experience technical difficulties during your interview, you can attempt to close your Google Hangout page and reopen.
  • If you still have trouble connecting, be sure to email your NFI Recruiter and/or Hiring Manager right away. 
    • Your NFI Recruiter or Hiring Manager will likely attempt to contact your via phone if disconnected during your interview.

Additional tips:

  • Dress code is comfortable and business casual. 
  • If your interview involves presentation elements, you may use the “Present now” function within the Google Hangout. This will allow you to share your entire screen or specific windows.


Does this change apply to all roles? What if I already have an in-person interview scheduled?
Your NFI Recruiter should have reached out to you to confirm if your interview will be virtual.
However, if in doubt, reach out to your recruiting contact to confirm the details of your interview.

I was invited to participate in an in-person interview but I would prefer virtual. Is that an option?
Yes. Let your recruiting contact know that you would prefer a virtual interview instead and they will assist you.

Do I need to use video for the interview or can I just dial in via phone?
We ask that you use video for your virtual interview. Let your recruiting contact know if you do not have access to a webcam.

Do you treat virtual interviews the same as onsite interviews?
 While the setup is different, we treat virtual interviews the same as in-person.

Please reach out to your recruiting contact if you have any other questions.